Brow Lamination Kit

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Brow lamination is a two-step eyebrow perming treatment that involves correcting the brow shape by setting the hairs in place using a chemical solution. In the first step, a cream is applied that breaks down bonds in the eyebrow hairs so they can be manipulated into a new position.
Our kit comes with the following...
-10 micro swabs
-10 cotton sticks 
-2 Y combs 
-Plastic wrap 4cm wide & 2.5m length
-10 pieces of cleansing cotton 
-2 piece mascara wand 
-5ml Cleanser
-5ml transparent glue
-5G Lamination lotion
-5G Fixing lotion 
-5ml Nourishing lotion 
Kit can complete up to 15 clients.
Average cost per service can vary between $60 & $120
Our Brow Lamination can last up to 6 weeks 
Our Getlashedla Brow lamination kit is full of plant based ingredients. This kit does NOT contain sodium bromate which is a toxic chemical and banned in Canada.