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Mega / Volume tweezer collection coming soon.....


Our new TM (matte black) Volume / Mega tweezer collection is designed to make fanning as easy and fun as possible . Boosting your isolation and placement technique and increasing your speed.

If you didn't know here is a HUGE MAJOR KEY: its all in the tweezer.

With our new diamond point tip tweezer, get the best results with which ever method you love to use. 

The tweezers feature: • Diamond tips for ultimate grip and precision • With gripping pattern on the sides of the tweezers for extreme movement control.

TM1:  Strong Curve , best used for shimmying , wiggle or pinching method.

TM2: The classic boot tweezer. 

TM3: The new generation boot style tweezer with a sharper tip for precise application.

TM4:  Perfect for smaller fluffy fans and perfect inner corner isolation