Mannequin Head with Removable Eyelids

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Lash mannequin head 

The most realistic way to practice doing lash extensions for beginners lash artists

You will speed up your learning because you can practice your skills with no stress

  • The lash mannequin head is made with high-quality silicone, flat back the starter kit is with so smooth, realistic surface texture and simulative of human skin, which will be more convenient to practice. 
  • This mannequin head is also a great solution for intermediate artists to practice new styles
  • Great for lash educators to showcase their lash training
  • Comes with hair fibers eyelashes embedded onto the practice eyelids

You have three different options to choose from:

  • Mannequin Head and One Pair Removable Eyelids
  • Mannequin Head and Three Pair Removable Eyelids
  • Three-Pair Removable Eyelids only/No Mannequin

***It’s a great mannequin for lash educators to show their lash artist students the various concepts of being a lash artist in the most realistic way.***