Sacred Space

Sacred Space

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Create a sacred space anywhere you go. Special in the place you lay your head or where you work!

We love this spray, it removes all bad energy and clears our atomospher everyday keeping the good energy in and kicking the bad energy out, giving our salon the vibe you want to enjoy and relax in.  

Palo Santo and Obsidian Crystals together raise the vibration of any space or room.


Key Ingredients:


Obsidian Crystal


Obsidian rock forms from molten lava that cooled very quickly and had no time to form into glass. This stone acts to remove any built up negativity caused by your own or others anger, fear, resentment and even stress.

It has powerful metaphysical properties that will shield you against negativity, release any negativity that your day to day life may have to encounter. 


Palo Santo 

is a holy wood from Peru that has been used for centuries  I was a cleansing and blessing smudge.

Percent as a sweet aromatic wood  that raises the vibration around you.