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7mm-16mm Single Volume Trays

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7mm-16mm Single Volume Trays
Please note: Some items that are a part of the sale are on back order but will show availability online.We did this so you girls can take advantage of the SALE! They will ship as soon as they are restocked. Estimated time is 1-2 weeks max. We will ship out all other items in your order that are currently stocked and available. We will be sending out some orders in 2 shipments. 



GLL Lash Trays include 16 rows of lashes. GLL Lashes are made of the highest quality PBT fiber. The material is very soft to the touch. Each tray includes over 1400 lashes. Because they are made of high quality materials you will notice they do not loose their curl over time. They are simply the best.

  • bold
  • dramatic
  • deep black color
  • not real fur
  • cruelty free
  • premium quality material


For professional use ONLY 

Do not use on yourself.

We are not responsible for the misuse of the our products.


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