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14-18MM Mixed Trays

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14-18MM Mixed Trays
14-18MM Mixed Trays
14-18MM Mixed Trays
14-18MM Mixed Trays

Mixed Length Trays, a best seller for the most variety in one case. Great for creating beautiful dimension by using multiple sizes in your lashes. Each tray has up to five different lengths of lashes.


Getlashedla Lashes are made with synthetic fiber made to imitate the look and feel of mink.

Getlashedla Lashes are 100% cruelty free 


-Size information removes with the strips for easy reference when working.

-16 rows of lashes in each tray*

-Approximately 240 lashes each row = 3,840 lashes per case

-Available in five different diameters 0.05, 0.07, 0.15, 0.18 and 0.20 

-Available in C & D curl

-Two tray length options

10-15mm:  One row of 10mm, Three rows of 11mm, Three rows of 12mm, Three rows of 13mm, Three rows of 14mm, Three rows of 15mm

14-18mm: Two rows of 14mm, Three rows of 15mm, Three rows of 16mm, four rows of 17mm and four of 18mm



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